Giovannis room

Art Direction, Bookcover design, Illustration

Client: Forlaget Gyldendal
Cover design: Studio Lou
Illustration: Studio Lou

Book cover design and illustration made by Studio Lou for Forlaget Gyldendal.

Giovannis room is a novel by James Baldwin first released in 1956 and now re-released as a classic in the Gyldendal Skala series.

The book focuses on the events in the life of an American man living in Paris with his fiancé Hella. While his fiancé is away he gets involved in an intense relationship with Giovanni – an italian bartender whom he meets at a Parisian gay bar.

The novel explores the internal struggle of a man facing his sexuality and desires but at the same time navigating his obligations to his fiancé – not to mention the brutality of queer relationships in 1950’s.

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